Vision and mission 

White Heat is an autonomous, independent organisation that criticises music freely. In principle, no genres or subgenres are excluded. But, practically, what gets covered will be determined by the editors’ taste.

You won’t find the news hot off the press, as White Heat isn’t a news site. We don’t strive for completeness, but express opinions, critical evaluation and pointed views. Our choices are not neutral, but a caesura in reality, or what we perceive as reality.

Arrogantly, we want to serve an alternative with White Heat. No idolatry, no hate soaked in vitriol. No praise, no knife (unless to filet one thing or another). We look at artistic works with a distance, yet close enough to get our mouth devastated.

We focus on the artist, in his thinking and acting. On what keeps him standing. This happens in a relational and inter-subjective game between artist and journalist. We don’t publish conversations wherein we didn’t transcend the obligatory promotional talk. Summarised: in our features we try to affect the self-preservation and the fixed ideas of all the parties of the triangle ‘artist – reader – journalist’.


The main focus is on this blog, where we unfold the journalistic activities. Principally, we serve ourselves with following journalistic genres: features, interviews (and sporadically) reviews. The contributions will be published on irregular times.

Every now and then we’ll organise concerts, mostly in co-production with independent organisations and record companies. It isn’t an end in itself, as we don’t want to compromise our independence. In that sense, White Heat isn’t looking for a prolonged alignment to this or that organisation.

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