Official relaunch

Posted on January 15, 2011


Since 2006, White Heat Magazine serves you a rich variation of musical genres, presented in the form of in-depth interviews and articles with our taste of top of the bill artists. In the course of our first years, we became a tiny but respected player in the alternative musical landscape. Interviews with bands such as Om, Greg Malcolm, Current 93, Supersilent or Dälek to name a few. We (co-)organized two evenings in Ghent, Belgium, starring Simon Finn, Sylvester Anfang and Alkerdeel, among others. Until in 2009, our servers crashed. We still had our articles, but the website was gone. We still had our love for music, but no platform to share it with the world. And this is where we started all over again. A new website, some new channels to inform our readers and a lot of motivation to share our views with you. The articles we wrote in the past, are available again. And you bet there’s a lot more to come!

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