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January 22, 2011


A slow Odyssey The few times that Dylan Carlson appeared in mass media, the story was told about a man in a famous rock band that committed suicide with the gun Carlson gave or sold to him. Also, he had introduced him into harsh narcotics. Can be right. But we are much more interested in […]

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Official relaunch

January 15, 2011


Since 2006, White Heat Magazine serves you a rich variation of musical genres, presented in the form of in-depth interviews and articles with our taste of top of the bill artists. In the course of our first years, we became a tiny but respected player in the alternative musical landscape. Interviews with bands such as […]

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Matt Elliott

January 14, 2011


From Bristol with a pistol   Matt Elliott’s musing is an amalgamation of more or less conventional singer songwriter songs, Slavic melancholy and thrifty electronics. His songs sound like an old station on a cloudy autumn night, shimmering and glazing. The rusty steam train echoes old melancholic stories of fortune and misfortune, while drowning in […]

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